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With all the changes happening lately in the insurance industry, a team of professional advisors found it necessary to establish a company in which they were only motivated by the consumer. As brokers, they were free to give their clients options for all their financial needs. With that, Madinah Financial Group was born.

Madinah Financial Group is an adaptation of the society in which it exists. We did not limit ourselves only to services provided by our competitors. We are in essence a ‘one stop shop’ for all your financial needs. If we do not provide something one of our reputable affiliates does and we are more than happy to assist you find the services that best suit your needs.

We offer services such as Insurance through Canada’s largest and most trusted institutions; Debt Elimination Programs and debt consolidation through Major Banks; and the list goes on. There will be more information about our services in the following pages.

Our affiliates include Industrial Alliance, Manulife Financial, Standard Life, Great West Life, BMO, and Transamerica. With reputable institutions backing us up, we GUARANTEE fast and easy financial solutions.

At Madinah Financial Group we are committed to maintaining the highest levels of integrity and quality for all our clients. Through conscientious efforts we are committed to exceeding our clients expectations in service and therefore establishing mutually beneficial and lasting relationships and affiliations.

We understand that today's consumer is more aware than ever before and the demand for bigger and better services is getting greater by the day.

Here at Madinah Financial Group, we will do the shopping for you and give you all your options so you can make the decision that best suits you and your family.

We have families too and we know what it takes in today's world to care for them, so we promise the service you get from us will be surpassed by none.

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