Disability Insurance (D.I.)

D.I. is the protection that every self employed person needs to protect his/her earning power. It is the income replacement insurance which helps the disabled person to meet his/her financial commitments.


This coverage provides peace of mind for professionals, business owners, business executives and full time, part time or home based workers. The wide range of disability products available with different insurance companies make it hard to consumers to pick the coverage they want and suit their needs at the same time.


At Madinah Financial Group, we deal with the most reputable insurance companies in terms of prices, benefits and claims experience such as Manulife, Great West Life, Canada Life, RBC Insurance, and others.


For more information on this service, please contact Mr. Mohamad Rabah at:
905.602.1814 or by email: morabah@madinahfinancial.com









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