Education Savings Plan

The Global Educational Trust Plan: The Flexible Plan

The Global Educational Trust Plan (Global Plan) is an Education Savings Plan that makes it easier to save for college or university education.

  • Plans are available for children and adults, for eligible full-time and part-time studies in a recognized educational program.
  • When your child qualifies, you get up to $9,200 in government funding for your child's post-secondary education.
  • Your deposits are invested in low-risk investments.
  • You defer taxation on the growth of your investment until it is used for education and then it's only taxed at the student's rate of taxation.
  • As post-secondary education needs change, the Global Educational Trust Plan continues to provide maximum flexibility within government guidelines to meet your needs.
  • The Global Educational Trust Plan emphasizes individualized service within the Plan to respond to your circumstances
  • The Global Educational Trust Plan combines the best features of both Group Scholarship Plans and accounts that are professionally managed.


For more information on this service, please contact Mr. Mohamad Rabah at:
905.602.1814 or by email:









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