Group Benefits

Group insurance plans are designed to help employers offer their employees health and dental coverage as an added benefit to keep them loyal and protect their well being.


Companies with three (3) or more employees can apply for this type of insurance. Individuals can take advantage of our services in Health and Dental plans section for small business owners who have no access to group plans. (Link to Manulife plans) As any other type of insurance, there are many types of group plans and they can be tailor made to the best interest of employers and employees.

There are few group plan providers in the market place. We, at Madinah Financial Group, can help with any group design a client might ask for, maintaining the lowest cost and the longest guaranteed renewal term at the start of the plan.


For more information on this service, please contact Mr. Mohamad Rabah at:
905.602.1814 or by email:









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