At Madinah Financial Group we understand the financial needs of each business owner and each individual, and we understand that these needs change over time. At Madinah Financial Group “Your Wealth is Our Priority”. We work hard to provide you with the best plan from the best financial institutions to walk you through every stage of your life.


Our services in this area are outstanding in terms of advise and follow ups every time changes occur in this industry.To have your money grow through your investments means that your money is working for you while you are focusing on your own work. Choosing the right plan for you is not an easy job. We make sure that it suits your age and helps you achieve your goals.


There are many different types of investment products such as:

  • Segregated or Mutual Funds (Link to segregated funds)
  • Land Projects (Link to Walton)
  • GIC’s

Or a combination of any of the above.


For more information on this service, please contact Mr. Mohamad Rabah at:
905.602.1814 or by email:









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