Life Insurance

There are different types of policies that could best suite your needs:


This is the most flexible type of insurance in today's marketplace, and it is the best fit for any individual that is looking for financial security and insurance protection at the same time. Individuals, families, professionals and business people all can use a Universal Life Policy to protect their loved ones and their assets while accumulating tax sheltered growth at the same time.

Tax sheltered growth can be used for:

  • Cash out when money is needed for any reason
  • Offset Future Premium
  • Eliminate the affect of money depreciation

Features & Advantages:

  • A permanent insurance plan with a term cost.
  • A tax sheltered savings plan where you can choose your investment options from a wide range of funds or GICs.
  • Partial withdrawals are available.
  • Premium holiday is available when needed.
  • A wide choice of riders and additional benefits.
  • Quick payment options (10-15-20) if requested (available with some companies)


This is a simple type of life insurance which provides coverage for a very low price. Term Life Insurance is usually considered by people who need coverage for a defined period of time. For example:

  • Small business owners to protect their business against the loss of a key person or to cover a buy/sell agreement
  • Young couples and families who are in a transitional period and are not yet established
  • People with a limited budget and would like to cover their insurance needs

Features & Advantages:

  • Guaranteed sum insured's and guaranteed premiums
  • Renewable at the end of each term period without medical evidence
  • Can be converted, within the same company, to a permanent type of insurance, without medical evidence.
  • Many people can be insured under the same policy, saving you policy fees for all additional members
  • Available as single life, J.F.T.D. and J.L.T.D. options

Term Insurance offers many plans to consumers to meet their insurance needs:

  • 5 years term insurance, which is renewable every 5 years and the price will go up accordingly
  • 10 years term insurance, renews every 10 years and the price will increase at each renewal.
  • 15 or 20 year term renews at the end of each term and prices will increase accordingly
  • Pick-A-Term is a unique type of term insurance which allows you to choose the length of your term as well as the amount of coverage and the price will be determined based on age, health conditions and amount of insurance coverage


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